Our Services

Relejoy is proud to be part of all that live, survive and smile under the disabled condition.

Our Main Service is to assist the disabled with their needs for comfortable sitting. A wheelchair for a disabled loved one is a need for survival and never a want, every disabled individual has a right to own a comfortable wheelchair e but not everyone can buy another one when the one they were handed out is no longer in  a usable condition.

This is where RELEJOY SITTING and CONSULTATION comes in, to refurbish and repair your same old wheelchair to better serve this lifetime need at an affordable charge.

Wheelchair Repair & Refurbish

RELEJOY SITTING and CONSULTATION does a wide range of products for the disabled from;

  • Wheelchair repair.
  • Wheelchair reconditioning & clothing.
  • Mobile beds.
  • Mobile couches.
  • Therapy equipment like wedges, bobath beds and more.

Uphostery & Office Furniture

RELEJOY SITTING and CONSULTATION manufactures and reupholsters the following:

  • Couches
  • TV stands.
  • Wall mounted TV units.
  • Coffee tables.
  • Study desks.
  • Headboard on a wide range.

Car Seats Repair & Dressing

RELEJOY SITTING and CONSULTATION provides the following services on car seats:

  • Refurbishing of car seats.
  • Repairing of car seats.
  • Dressing of car seats.